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What do we offer to our clients?


Sleek & Beautiful

All kinds of products for all kinds of needs

We offer a wide catalog of products to cover all the needs of our clients in terms of growing plants.

Sleek & Beautiful

Professional advice

We offer practical and real solutions to the different aspects that make up production

Sleek & Beautiful

Physical store

We have a store for direct sale to the public in San Fulgencio where you can make your purchase, advised by our experts, or simply pick up an order previously made by phone or email from home.

Product categories

Everything your plants need can be found here

Sleek & Beautiful


Premium substrates for growing your crops

Sleek & Beautiful

Pots and Trays

Growing systems and thermoformed containers for horticulture

Sleek & Beautiful


In order to have healthy marijuana plants and productive harvests it is necessary to apply phytosanitary products and specific cannabis fertilizers.

Sleek & Beautiful

Odor treatment

Anti-odor systems for indoor marijuana crops


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Weed Weirdness

Learn to identify and respond to the various different irregularities and mutations you can encounter when cultivating marijuana.

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Stages of the marijuana plant growth cycle

Cannabis plants, like all living things, go through a series of stages as they grow and mature. If you’re interested in cultivating cannabis, it’s especially important to understand the changes a plant undergoes during its life cycle, as each stage of growth requires different care. Different stages call for different amounts of light, nutrients, and water. They […]

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El cannabis podría salvar a las abejas

En los últimos años tomamos consciencia de lo importante que son las abejas para la supervivencia de la humanidad. Ellas, y otros polinizadores, son un mecanismo fundamental de la agricultura y, por eso, de nuestra producción de alimentos.