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Function  - Growth stimulator

Composition  –  Organic mineral

Application phase  - All phases

Type of crop  –  Coco, Hydroponic, Soil

Capacity (L)  –  0.25, 1, 5

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 Fulvic Blast by Aptus Holland is a stimulant full of microelements that are beneficial to cannabis plants. Fulvic Blast by Aptus Holland will give your plants everything they need to stay strong and healthy throughout the grow. It’s a stimulant and an enhancer; it helps detox your plants, getting rid of excess nutrients as well as improving their immune system.

It also helps your plants absorb existing micronutrients contained in the substrate, making them easier to absorb. Also, the formula has a low molecular weight, which makes it easier to absorb.


It contains an enormous quantity of essential microelements like fulvic acids, amino acids, vegetative stimulants and chelated trace minerals like iron, zinc, copper and manganese.

This cocktail of amazing ingredients will give your crop a healthy, beautiful green color, dealing with any type of deficiencies that might later affect the taste, aroma or potency of your buds.

It helps out during the growth period by pushing the plants to give one last growth spurt before moving on to the flowering period. It also guarantees a higher carbohydrate level, meaning that your plants will be able to take on more nutrients.


  • Use 0.3ml per L of irrigation water.
  • Use once a week throughout the entire process.
  • Use if deficiencies or excesses are detected.
  • Doesn't leave residues, 100% soluble.

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