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Function  - Growth stimulator

Composition  - organic

Application phase  –  Growth

Type of crop  - hydroponic

Capacity (L)  –  0.15, 0.5, 1, 5

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Potente estimulante de crecimiento. Las plantas tienen una gran demanda de nitrógeno durante la fase vegetativa o de crecimiento. N-Boost by Aptus Holland is a potent stimulant that is used to help your plants out in both vegetative and flowering periods; it’s used towards the end of the vegetative period.

N-Boost by Aptus Holland is designed to be a growth stimulant thanks to its perfect nutritional balance, ideal for that exact phase. Its organic-mineral formula offers growers the best possible ingredients so that your plants grow as strong as possible, improving on how your plants go into the flowering period and making for bigger, more resinous flowers.

It helps out a lot with budding; this product’s active ingredients intervene in the process involving new cell creation. It’s extremely useful for improving your plants photosynthetic process, increasing both vigor and foliage density.

With N-Boost, you’ll stimulate your plants’ protein production, which in the future makes for firm, good-looking buds. Also, its hormone and vegetal vitamins will help out during said flowering period, increasing both flavor and resin yield.


  • NPK: 9-0-0
  • Amino acids and vegetal-originating vitamins.
  • Organic nitrogen.

    How to use:
  • Store in a dry, cool area between 10-25ºC
  • Use 0.3-0.5ml per L of water
  • Use as soon as the first pistils and sprouts appear.
  • Do not use with Start Booster.

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