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Function  - cleaner

Composition  –  Mineral

Application phase  - Growth, Bloom

Type of crop  - All kinds of crops

Capacity (L)  –  0.25, 1, 20, 5

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NovaFoliar is a product that’ll help your plants stay strong and healthy during the growth period and start of the flowering period. When sprayed on your plants, they’ll be much sturdier when it comes to insect and fungi attacks. It cleans any sort of contaminants that may be on your plants’ leaves.

In order to give your plants the best professional treatment, we recommend consulting Bio-Nova’s nutrient and fertilizer chart – get ready to grow some enormous, aromatic, quality buds.

NovaFoliar is a potent, efficient cleaner, although you’ll need to take some precautions due to how highly concentrated it is.

BioNova recommends keeping it nice and strict, adhering to the recommended dosages. They also recommend spraying a small area of just one plant to begin with and checking the next day to make sure there’re no unwanted side effects – some strains are more sensitive than others.

Dosage and how to use NovaFolia by Bio Nova:

  • For cleaning, spray the top and bottom of the leaves using 200ml/1L of water
  • Always pour water in first and add NovaFoliar next to reduce foam.

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