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Canna pH- Grow

Canna pH- Grow

Capacity (L)  –  1

Function  - Decrease

Application phase  –  Bloom

Type of crop  - hydroponic

Concentración  –  59%

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pH- Grow by Canna is used to adjust acidity in your water, allowing your plants to efficiently absorb nutrients during this delicate period. You’ll be able to increase your yield incredibly. ajuste de pH está especialmente preparada para su uso en hidroponía. Es extremadamente concentrada y se debe tener cuidado al utilizarla.

Acidity in your water, whether you’re growing in hydroponics, soil or coco coir, defines the amount of water and nutrients that your plants can absorb through their roots. This is why many growers tend to be quite meticulous when measuring pH and fertilizing plants. Products such as these can help you to save money and excess product, as you’ll be feeding your plants the exact amount of nutrients that they can absorb, helping to prevent excess nutrients or deficiencies.

PH- Bloom When it comes to growing in aquatic systems such as rockwool, hydroponics or aeroponics, pH is generally kept at around 5.5-5.8 during the growth period and 5.8-6.2 during the flowering period.

When growing in soil, you’ll need to first measure the pH in your substrate. To do this, you’ll need to first wet a portion of the soil with distilled or osmosis water, and then you’ll need to drain it out into a container. The resulting liquid should contain the minerals and nutrients present in the soil. Measure the pH in the resulting liquid, which should sit at around 5.8-6.5 which is where your water solution should be at too. If it’s higher than that, you’ll need to adjust your mixture by using a product designed to lower pH, and if it’s lower you’ll logically need to increase it.

When growing in coco coir it’s much easier to control pH levels simply because coco coir is inert and it won’t change over time. You simply need to keep your water between 6 and 6.5 in order to get the best results.

If you’re using a reactive gauge to test the pH, the results may vary and are approximate only – as long as the color is between yellow and light green you can water your plants. If it’s at orange or red, you’ll need to add pH+ by Canna and if it’s dark green or blue, you’ll need to lower it with pH- Grow or pH- Flower by Canna, depending on the growth period that your plants are in.

Dosage and how to use pH Grow by Canna:

  • Measure the amount of acidity in your water after having added your nutrients.
  • If the pH is over the desired level, add a few drops to your mixture and check it again.
  • Repeat this process if necessary until your water is at the right pH level.
  • Let the mixture sit for a few minutes before watering your plants.

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