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Function  - Decrease

Application phase  - All phases

Type of crop  - All kinds of crops

Concentración  –  24,5%

Capacity (L)  –  1, 20, 5


PH- by BioNova contains 24.5% phosphoric acid, which is quite low. What you need to do, is measure the pH in your nutrient solution before using it. If it’s between 5.5 and 6.5, it’s fine, although if it’s over 6.5 you’ll need to add Ph- slowly until it lowers enough; it's an easy process. If it’s under 5.5, you can use Ph+ by BioNova.

Now, you can easily lower your water’s pH with BioNova’s pH-. When you use this product you’ll be able to control your water, especially in Hydroponic systems or those of you that store larhe tanks of water. No need to worry about fluctuations in your pH, which can be quite damaging to plants in certain phases.

This product can be used on water both indoors and outdoors, and in organic and inert substrates.

Dosage and how to use pH- by BioNova:

  • Measure the pH in your water after adding fertilizers and additives. If it needs to be lowered, add in a little bit of pH- and measure it again until it’s within the proper parameters.

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