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PK 13/14

PK 13/14

Function  - Bloom stimulator

Composition  –  Mineral

Application phase  –  Bloom

Type of crop  –  Coco

Capacity (L)  –  0.5, 1, 10, 20, 5

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Las plantas en el periodo de floración necesitan más cantidad de fósforo y potasio, estas necesidades son cubiertas en el momento adecuado con Hesi PK 13-14is essentially an additive used during the flowering period, increasing size and weight of your flowers. It should always be used alongside a base flowering fertilizer such as Hydro Bloom for hydro grows or Coco Bloom for coco coir grows.

It contains top quality ingredients which are 100% dissolvable in water, so it shouldn’t block any pipes or drip systems. It can easily be used in inert substrates that don’t contain any nutrients such as rockwool or clay pellets.

Phosphorus and potassium have various different functions in your plants’ metabolism – they play an important part in growing a strong structure, increasing cell growth and therefore increasing flower growth considerably. It can easily be combined with SuperVit and Boost by Hesi, improving the appearance of the buds and giving them an intense aroma.

Dosage and how to use PK 13-14 by Hesi:

  • Add about 2.5ml per 10L of water during the 4th flowering week.
  • Add 5ml per 10L during the 5th flowering week.
  • Add 7.5ml per 10L during the 6th flowering week.
  • 15ml per 10L during the 7th flowering week.

    Composition of PK 13/14 by Hesi:
  • 9% Phosphorus
  • 7.2% Potassium

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