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Atami High Porosity Cocos – coconut soil with perlite 50L

Atami High Porosity Cocos – coconut soil with perlite 50L

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Type  –  Organic mineral

Type of crop  –  Coco

Capacity (L)  –  50

Conductivity (mS / cm)  –  <1.5

Ph measurement range  –  6.2

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High Porosity Cocos is a porous and loose structure coconut soil (HPC) that combines the properties of ATAMI Cocos Coconut with Perlite to provide a unique and perfect coconut growing medium.

Perlite is a volcanic rock formed during volcanic eruptions. Perlite is treated at high temperatures to multiply the size due to structural transformation. The principle is the same as when you pop corn, the same thing happens with perlite, which expand approx. twenty times from its original size. By mixing perlite with coconut soil, the structure of the growing medium is loose and airy, providing perfect soil for fast-growing plants.

Adding perlite to the coconut is very beneficial as the soil will be about 30% more airy. The availability of oxygen is essential for the development of roots.

  • Super airy soil structure
  • High quality coconut fibers
  • Outstanding root development

EC:  <1,5 ms/cm

pH: 6,2 (+/- 0,5)

NPK 11-27-8

Organic matter: 45% (of the dry content)

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