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Terpinator is a plant nutrient formulated with potassium and naturally occurring compounds. Terpinator is designed to increase the concentration of terpenes in aromatic plant oils.



Terpinator from Green Planet increases the production of terpenes and, as a consequence, the aroma and flavor of our crops

For years now, cannabis growers have been focused on getting the largest yields possible, while disregarding the actual quality of the final product. By doing this, you’re not actually making the most of your plants’ potential; you’ll obtain enormous yields but they will end up lacking quite a lot in as far as flavor and aroma.

With Terpinator by Green Planet you’ll be able to naturally increase terpenoids in your plants, which considerably increases both aroma and flavor without modifying the two qualities (apart from simply boosting them). With just a few dosages, you’ll notice a clear increase in aroma, which becomes more intense. This product allows you to make the absolute most of your plants’ possible potential.

This product’s composition contains a concrete amount of potassium and various types of 100% organic vegetal extracts, designed to be used during your plants’ entire life cycle in order to get the best possible results, although it can be used during the flowering period alone too if you don’t want to use as much product.

Dosage and how to use:

  • Growth: 1-2ml per liter of water once a week.
  • Flowering: 4-6ml per liter of water once a week.


  • Nitrogen: 0%
  • Phosphorus: 0%
  • Potassium: 4%

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