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Oscillating Clip Fan Cyclone

Oscillating Clip Fan Cyclone

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  • Powerful oscillating
  • Air circulator with clip
  • 2 speed selector
  • Soundless
  • Adjustable angle & Orientation
  • Easy to hang up


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    Cyclone Oscillating Clip Fan is a high quality two-speed fan, which allow a proper air circulation inside the indoor growing space, improving the humidity and temperature homogeneity. With a swivel head it allows a rotation of up to 180º that distributes the air evenly on the canopy.
    It includes an adjustable setting, so that you can decide exactly how strong you want the breeze in your grow to be.
    Thanks to its small, easily storable size, you can attach it to pretty much any part of your grow tents frame or grow room and it won’t get in the way.


    • Voltage: 230v
    • Range: 50Hz
    • Power: 20W
    • 2 speeds
    • Long-lasting motor
    • Very silent
    • Easy to operate
    • Oscillates in a 180º range

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