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This Cannabis Strain Is Designed Specifically To Make Women Orgasm

A little over one year ago, Karen Wagner was getting ready to light one up before having sex with her boyfriend. What followed would prove to be one of the most uplifting sexual interactions of her life, and she was certain that the dreamy, heady effects of the cannabis were a major factor.

Having already been a cannabis enthusiast for quite some time, Wagner had plenty of experience of using cannabis before sex, and she started to pay more attention to the strains that enhanced the experience most of all. Then, she used that knowledge to develop an entirely new strain intended to enhance the sexual experience – and spread the word so that other women could benefit from the knowledge too!

Wagner started up her own company and got to work developing (and testing!) her new strain. It’s called “Sexxpot”, and it is specifically aimed at women, with the clear goal of helping them achieve mind-blowing, intense, full-body orgasms during sexual intercourse.

What is Sexxpot?

The Cut reported that Wagner’s new product is a derivation from a less strong strain named “Mr. Nice”. With a 14% THC, Sexxpot is weaker than most strains on the market – which have a THC of around 18%-20% – and it was designed like this with good reason. Cannabis consultant and full-time nurse Eloise Theisen informed The Cut saying “women just need less THC in general. And high levels of THC can promote anti-estrogen activity.”

The Cut claims “She says that’s a benefit because the product will put you in a ‘sensual’ headspace and affect the body’s sensations without getting the smoker too high to actually do the deed.” Theisen adds “My guess is that Sexxpot, with the lower THC, regulates the body’s endocannabinoid system and helps bring back the balance of hormones, but without sacrificing the therapeutic properties.”

Sexxpot Only Available in San Francisco

Although it has been known for thousands of years in traditional medical circles that cannabis can provide aphrodisiac effects, Wagner’s brand new product is the first one of its kind aimed at this specific audience in the USA. From the point of view of many entrepreneurs, Sexxpot’s unique selling points make it a true potential gold mine – and with the market constantly growing, Wagner’s product is predicted to enjoy stable growth for years.

Currently, Sexxpot is only available in the San Francisco Bay Area, although Wagner is certain that distribution will expand in the near future.

Source: https://internationalhighlife.com